Gaurav Aggarwal

The heir of a family of self-made business entrepreneurs, he has at a young age several breakthrough achievements to his credit. Known in business circles for his impeccable business acumen, diplomatic and networking skills, Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal has a dynamic and warm personality which endears him to the team. A software engineer by qualification & an entrepreneur by his abilities is rated among the top entrepreneurs of the CR steel business in North.

A connoisseur of good taste with an impeccable sense of aesthetics he is responsible for several customized products. He believes in out of the box thinking and is responsible for several innovations that have helped ASL create new benchmarks in various areas of activity. He is very involved with building the corporate image of the group and for adding on new ideas and lines of activity.

Blessed with a dynamic personality complemented by independent thinking, foresight and optimism Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal is committed to make the seemingly impossible possible through hard work and dedication.