1. HR Slitter
( Supplied by Esmech export pvt ltd (sms demag germany group company)

  • Slitting capacity upto 1800mm width
  • Can slit upto 8mm thickness

2. Pickling Line
(Supplied by Pro/Eco,Canada & process Technology by Nelson, Canada)
HCL pickling line with a capacity of 5 lakh tons per annum. The process entails oxide scales from the surface of the hot rolled coil.
  • Works on push-pull technology for better
    surface finish
  • Scale breaking & pre wash facility
  • Online trimming facility
  • Thickness Range:1.6-8mm,Width
    Range: 450-1800mm

3. 4-Hi Cold Rolling Mill
(Supplied by SUECO, Japan)
Pickled and oiled coils are rolled to desired thickness.
  • Automated gauge control from Toshiba,Japan.
  • Automated shape control from ABB, Sweden
  • Absolutely flat surface with minimum edge drop
  • Thickness Range: 0.20mm-3.0mm,
    Width Range:1050mm(max)

4. Electrolytic Cleaning Line(ECL)
(Supplied by Esmech export pvt ltd(sms demag germany group company)
Electrolytic cleaning removes the carried over rolling oils and iron fines left on the strip surface after rolling. Trace of surface oil is removed by saponification and emulsification of steel in alkaline solution.
  • Low current density line for better surface conditions
  • Surface contamination reduced to less than 30mg by ECL producing cleaner surface after annealing

5. Bell Annealing Furnace
(Supplied by World’s no 1 Annealing furnaces supplier, Ebner, Austria)
To obtain the grain structure and improve mechanical properties. The strip is annealed at an elevated temperaturein a reducin g atmosphere.
  • Hydrogen annealing
  • Superior surface cleanliness
  • EDD & IF steel can be produced successfully with an R bar value of 2.1 and above
  • SAPH grade can also be produced with controlled Ys and Elongation values
  • Total 7 furnaces with 14 Base

6. Kathabar Coil Cooling System
This is unique system of providing coils from Pin rust. Annealed Coils are kept in this cool storage system to prevent oxidation. Oxidation is avoided through dehumidification.

7. 4-Hi Skin Pass Mill
(Supplied by Bliss Salem, USA)
Skin pass helps in slight thickness reduction to restore desired temper. Achieves desired surface roughness (Matte, Bright) as per customer specifications.
  • Electrostatic oiler enhances the corrosion protection of steel strip even during prolonged storage
  • Thermo fisher, thickness gauge have also been installed to provide closer thickness tolerances throughout the coil
  • Thickness range: 0.20-3.0 mm,Width Range:1250mm(max)

8. CR Slitter
(Supplied by Stamco, USA)
CR Slitter cuts the coil to customized width.
  • It produces burr free edges with controlled winding tension
  • It is also equipped with automatic packaging to avoid surface contamination arising out of manual handling
  • Thickness range: 0.20-3.0mm, Width Range : 1250mm (max)

9. Cut to Length(CTL)
(Supplied by Ishikawajima Harim Heavy Industries, Japan)
CTL provides the coil in sheet form.
  • Table top flatness upto 5 micron correction suitable for application in white goods.
  • Auto Levelling
  • Thickness range:0.20-3.0mm, Width Range: 1250 mm (max)

10. R & D Lab
  • Spectrometer
  • R-bar tester
  • Microscope
  • Hardness Tester