Sr. No.DescriptionDateDetails
1Public Notice20-March-2018details
2List Of Creditors Version - I02-May-2018details
3List Of Creditors Version - II25-May-2018details
4Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI)04-June-2018details
5Terms and Conditions For EOI04-June-2018details
6List Of Creditors Version - III15-June-2018details
7Addendum to the EOI Advertisement23-June-2018details
8Extension of EOI date10-July-2018details
9Updated Terms and Conditions of EOI10-July-2018details
10List Of Creditors Version - IV10-July-2018details
12List Of Creditors Version - V18-July-2018details
13List Of Creditors Version - VI16-Aug-2018details
14List Of Creditors Version - VII06-Sep-2018details
15Addendum to Invitation of EOI08-Sep-2018details
16Revised Form G10-Sep-2018details
17Appointment of Resolution Professional09-Oct-2018details
18List Of Creditors Version - VIII13-Oct-2018details
19List Of Creditors Version - IX28-Dec-2018details
20List Of Creditors Version - X15-Jun-2020details
21ANNUAL REPORT 2017-1804-Sep-2020details
22ANNUAL REPORT 2018-1909-Sep-2020details
23ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2009-Dec-2020details
24List Of Creditors Version - XI01-Nov-2021details
25Fresh Process for Resolution Plan for Corporate Debtor03-Nov-2021details
26FORM-G (ECONOMIC TIMES)03-Dec-2021details
27Form-G (Time Of India)03-Dec-2021details
28Form-G (NAV BHARAT TIMES)03-Dec-2021details
29Fresh Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI)03-Dec-2021details
30ANNUAL REPORT 2020-2107-Dec-2021details
31RA Allowed Extention for Payment07-May-2022details