Mr. Mohender Aggarwal

Mr. Mohender founded Allied Strips Limited in 1994 and has built up it from scratch to over a 250 crore company.

He started the company at a very small scale and solely through his hard work and spirit of entrepreneurship that the organization has reached the honored position it presently occupies.

Apart from being known as a great visionary and a skilled entrepreneur Mr. Mohender Aggarwal is also recognized as a person with ‘Golden Heart' for his devotion towards building a better society and dedication for the upliftment of the community as a whole. Mr Aggarwal is a man of strong principles yet simple ideologies & leads an equally simple life.

Mr. Mohender places all his employees in one platform irrespective of the position they hold. Starting from the clerical staff that assists in various offices and plants to all the engineers, executives, officers, and managers of each department, all are dear to him and he respects their contribution and dedication towards the firm.